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Check out these books from our campus authors

Opium, State, and Society

by Edward R. Slack

Edward R. Slack, Jr. is Professor of History at Eastern Washington University. He earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Hawai’i in 1997, and taught at Virginia Tech and Indiana State University prior to arriving at EWU in 2002. His first book, Opium, State, and Society: China’s Narco-Economy and the Guomindang, 1916-1937 (2001), investigated the complex web of relations between drugs and politics during a chaotic period of Chinese history. Since 2008, Professor Slack has become widely recognized in his discipline as a pioneer in studies that focus on Asian cultural influence in colonial Mexico. He has been invited to speak about his research at Brown University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Guadalajara. His recent publications also include “The Chinos in New Spain: A Corrective Lens for a Distorted Image” in Journal of World History 20.1 (March 2009), “Sinifying New Spain: Cathay’s Influence on Colonial Mexico via the Nao de China” in Journal of Chinese Overseas 5.1 (May 2009), and “Orientalizing New Spain: Perspectives on Asian Influence in Colonial Mexico” in México y la Cuenca del Pacífico 15.43 (January - April 2012). After co-authoring Navigating the Spanish Lake, Professor Slack is currently writing a manuscript that illuminates the manifold cultural exchanges taking place between China, the Philippines and New Spain during the era of the Manila Galleon (1571-1815).

The Road to Chinese Exclusion:
The Denver Riot, 1880 Election, and Rise of the West

by Liping Zhu

Born in Shanghai, Liping Zhu got his Ph.D in history from the University of New Mexico in 1994. He has been at Eastern for nineteen years. Specialized in Chinese in the American West, he has published three books. The Road to Chinese Exclusion: The Denver Riot, 1880 Election, Rise of the West has just won the prestigious Caroline Bancroft History Prize.

The Helen Andelin and the Fascinating Womanhood Movement

by Julie Debra Neuffer

Julie Neuffer teaches American history at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. She earned her master’s degree in Religious Studies at Gonzaga University, and her Ph.D. in American history from Washington State University. Her main interests are 20th century American history, women’s history, and American Christianity.