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Eagle Perks Loyalty Program

New Users: Register for the program using the link provided at the bottom of this page or the “Log In” link in the side menu. Click on the button that asks if you would like to be a loyalty reward customer. Existing Users: To log into your existing account for the first time on our website please use the following information that you provided at the registers: Username = your email address Password = your phone number NOTE: You will not be able to redeem your points for a Bookstore Gift Certificate until you have logged in to the website with your username and password.

• Your Eagle Perks Loyalty number will be your phone number. Try to use a personal number that will not change frequently.

• Each time you make a purchase in the Bookstore, tell the cashier that you are a Rewards customer. If you are purchasing online, you will check the yes button if you are a Rewards customer. For every dollar you spend, you will earn a point. You can check your own point balance on our website here at any time. 

• Get a $10 bookstore gift card for every 500 points you earn, or get a $25 bookstore gift card for every 1,000 points you earn.

• All purchases count; including textbooks and computer hardware, convenience store items etc. The only exclusion is gift cards. 

• If you return merchandise earned points are deducted based on the returned items.

• Department charges and third party vendor paid transactions such as VA, DVR, 1+2+1 and other similar charge accounts will not count toward Eagle Perks points earned

• Free merchandise does not count toward Rewards points earned.

• When you have accumulated enough points to receive your free gift certificate, you can redeem your points at It may take 1-2 weeks before your points are redeemable on the website.

• When you redeem your points for a gift certificate on the website please allow 3-5 business days for the gift certificate to be sent or you may pick it up in-store. The gift certificates are only redeemable in-store and the entire certificate must be used in one transaction.

• Remember when you graduate, please change your EWU email address in your account, to your personal email, so that you continue to receive emails regarding your account.

Begin earning points with us today!