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How Buyback Works

  • At the end of each quarter during finals week, representatives from a used book wholesale company will purchase used textbooks. It's best for you and for us if you sell your books back.

  • If we have a book order from the department to use that textbook again, we will buy it back at 1/2 the retail new price, until we meet our limit. For example, if a title is $100 new on the shelf or $75 used, we'll pay $50 for it. This is whether it's new or used--you'll get 1/2 the new price! We buy back the title at this price until we meet our limit for the next quarter.

  • If the book is not being used on campus the following quarter, the wholesaler will buy it based on the current market demand for that textbook. There are a number of factors they take into consideration to figure that demand--whether it's being used on another campus, the cost of shipping the book back to their warehouses, whether a new edition is expected and other factors.

  • So, if you only get a few dollars back for your book, it's because professors here at EWU do not require it for the next quarter but a school somewhere will have use for it. If by chance you don't get any cash for your book, it's usually because a new edition is coming or the book is no longer being used at all here or across the country.

  • Remember, any textbook you've used for three months is now a used textbook--you've carried it around for a quarter, you've highlighted it, filled in some blanks, maybe set your coffee cup on it--just general wear and tear makes it used. We're just about the only kind of store where you can return a product you've used for three months and get money back!

This Link is for your convenience

If you want more information on the current WHOLESALE value of a textbook, click here

You will be connected to MBS Textbook Exchange. MBS, is one of the largest used book wholesalers in the country. Prices listed are reflective of current market demand and are subject to change. If you choose to sell your books to MBS you will be asked to print a label and ship the books directly to MBS. They will process a check and send it to you. 

Store Hours

  • Monday - Weds: 7:30-5:30
    Thursday: 7:30-6:00
    Friday: 7:30-6:00
    Saturday: 11:00 - 3:00
    Sunday: Closed

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